Saturday, November 9, 2013

TV Series Obsession!

It's been  long time since I talked about TV Series, but that is not because I haven't been watching any, infact, I have watched quite a few of them.
So I thought that, impossible it may sound, I'd try and compile a list of the TV series I've watched recently with my personal ratings. Hope that sounds good. :D

Before we start off, back when I was in Maldives, I used to get the downloaded episodes of series from friends and keep them all in my external hard drive so I can watch them later. When I came to Aussie and discovered Project Free TV, my life changed, literally. I realised what a waste of storage space it was to keep all the series on my hard drive when I could watch them online. The catch? I could watch the series online only when I'm in Aussie because the Internet connection speed in Maldives, last I checked (which was about 4 months ago), was too slow to watch episodes comfortably. But this is also a good thing because out of the 12 months in the year, I spend 9 of them in Aussie. The best part? It is not only TV series that I get to watch, but also movies. So a pretty good deal, eh? ;)
And in case any of you wanted to check out the super awesome Project Free TV, here is a link for you! (Y)
Project Free TV

Now to the list. It is as follows;

1) 1600 Penn  (Fictional 1st family of America in which the responsible first daughter gets pregnant with the child of a drunk, one-night-stand guy and the first son is totally out of it. Hilarious!)

2) 2 Broke girls (The snobbish daughter of a millionaire goes homeless when her father is convicted of embezzlement so a "poor" girl with a lot of attitude takes her in and they work together in a diner owned by a 4-feet Korean guy. Max's wit keeps me laughing throughout the episode!)

3) 8 Simple Rules (for dating my teenage daughter). (You got it! Name says it all! The overprotective father, the can-do-nothing-bad son and the middle child who is always emo! A good night's laugh!  And yes, the teenage daughter is "Penny" from TBBT)

4) Animorphs (Based on the book series. To those of you who never read Animorphs, it is about teenagers who are given the power to morph- to change in to animals- by a dying alien, to fight against the mind-controlling slugs and prevent them from invading the Earth. A bit old, but not too bad!)

5) Badults (3 childhood best friends who live together, getting up to the most idiotic things. I remember watching one episode in which I did not stop laughing for longer than 10 seconds, literally!)

Well, that should do it for now. I'll be back with more TV shows that I'v watched!

Later, pals! :D

Ps. I've had this post as a draft for more than 2 months! Extremes of procrastination, I know! ;)

Old El Paso, Summerland Point & Shiakko!

I was quite sick for the past two weeks- so sick that I could not stand up for more than 15 minutes straight without feeling dizzy and weak. Why I am telling you this is because for the first time in weeks, today I finally felt well enough to cook. And guess what I went for? MEXICAN! And it wasn't too bad for a first timer. (Y)

While I'm still inspired to write, let me tell you about Summerland Point. Tony, an Ingress mate, and I drove around the Lake Macquarie, destroying some green portals. One of our stops was Summerland Point in Central Coast. It was such a pretty place that I couldn't help taking pictures. The day was sunny and there were cool breezes. It was such a perfect place!

PS. The pictures do no justice to the real beauty of the place!

And last, but not least, my younger sister started blogging. She just started but both of her posts were pretty cool. I mean, being her older sister, all I could do was criticize her. All I could imagine was the 10 year old who was so annoying. But now that I've started reading her posts, I must admit I am quite proud of her.
She is quite mature for a 13 year old and her posts are fun.
I used to give her endless lectures about watching her attitude, because she had a lot of it. So it is very rewarding to see that she isn't a typical teenager who can only spit out sarcasm. Anyway, all you awesome readers, do check out her blog too.
Here is the link. Go show her some love! :)


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Autonomy Day- UoN

 I've already told you about all the activities planned for the Autonomy Week. If you forgot, check them out here! As you can see, the most fun stuff was on Friday, so I decided to check them out on Friday.
We had a 9am class on Friday. On my way to class, I saw an off-campus party- loud music, drunk people, the whole thing- at 9am! It was so weird for me because I usually see drunks at night. :P lol

The whole campus was filled with people in costumes, people who were drinking and people who were already wasted.

After English, I was waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to the other side of the campus because I wanted to check out the Carnival at the Oval, which had Jumping Castles!! :D It was there that I met Princess and together we went to get Shan. The three of us went to the Oval.

To be honest, it was the most fun I had ever since I came to Australia!

That was a quick summary! Now for more pictures, keep scrolling! :D

Ps. I've had this post as a draft for over two months or something now. Hope you liked the pictures!~ Cheers!